Freddy Yanez Instructor D.B.A.


Our ultimate goal is to empower our students to become better drivers, instilling the confidence to navigate the roads with skill, responsibility, and a lifelong commitment to practicing good driving habits.
Freddy Yanez Standing By Instructor Car
“It is not good enough to just pass the drivers exam, you have to practice to become a better responsible driver.”
- Freddy Yanez
Freddy Yanez is a driving instructor passionate about teaching others how to drive. Growing up in a family where teaching others how to drive was a way of life, Freddy was inspired from an early age to teach eager learners how to drive and develop good driving habits.

With an impressive 40 years of experience as a certified driving instructor, Freddy has successfully taught students of all ages, from teenagers embarking on their driving journey to adults seeking to enhance their skills. Throughout his career, Freddy has witnessed countless inspiring moments, but none quite as gratifying as seeing his students excel during their driving exams, achieving remarkable scores.

What sets Freddy apart is their dedication to personalized instruction. Recognizing that each student is unique, Freddy takes the time to understand their needs, adapting his teaching approach accordingly. His aim is to guide students through the motions of driving and ensure a comprehensive understanding of every turn and maneuver. By emphasizing comprehension rather than simply providing directions, Freddy equips his students to become confident drivers who deeply understand their actions behind the wheel.
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